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To provide quality promotive, preventive and curative healthcare services that are accessible and accountable to the university community.


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  • To provide quality and accessible Medical Services to the University Community.
  • To be sensitive and Attentive in provision of care to clients in the most humane manner.
  • To play an instrument role in the control of spread of H.I.V and AIDS through preventive and curative methods.
  • To establish collaborative activities and linkages with Government and Non-Governmental Agencies in the area of Health.
  • To build capacity for DeKUT Medical Centre in order to improve and diversify the available Health Services.
DeKUT Medical Centre

Myths about HIV and AIDS

HIV is passed on from person to person if infected body fluids (such as blood, semen, vaginal or anal secretions and breast milk) get into your blood stream

The five main ways this can happen are: